Prolonged working hours seated at the desk, high stress jobs involving deadlines and targets, erratic eating habits are all hazards of a white collar job.  Finding time to exercise in the middle of the daily bustle becomes almost impossible unless we put our mind to it. SPARRC Corporate training program is all about educating corporate employees on how to be fitness friendly even while their jobs consume them. This SPARRC program is designed to minimize the health risks for employees thereby increasing productivity and minimizing absenteeism for employers.

Program Highlights

SPARRC Corporate Wellness programs are designed to encourage, engage and motivate employees to get active and seek wellness. The program features interactive sessions and awareness talks aimed to 

  • educate
  • inspire
  • engage, and
  • empower

employees to take charge of their health and increase productivity.

For engaging SPARRC to train your employees, call +91 965 965 0000.